The Elements

Of Your Body


The Elements

Of Your Body

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Enjoy our services at your Place! Or, opt for a relaxing experience at our lovely massage studio. Enjoy the mesmerizing smells of our organic essential and body oils, and other skincare products. With our adjusted lighting and surround music, your relaxation is guaranteed!


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Growing up on Kefalonia, surrounded by organic, pure ingredients, we know the value of good products. And this is exactly what we bring to you–organic skincare that will nourish you and your skin. Did you know that every day we absorb hundreds of harmful substances through our body’s largest organ–our skin? Check out your favourite perfume’s ingredients. Surprise! There aren’t any ingredients listed–that’s because most of them (an astounding 85%) are proven to be toxic or carcinogenic. None of that here! We at 4 Elements only use the best our island has to offer.


the elements

of your body

All four elements must be balanced for your body to function and for you to feel … Alive


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The four elements, also known as the classical elements, are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These elements have been used in various cultures throughout history to explain the natural world and its workings. In comparison to the human body, Earth represents the physical body and its solidity, Air represents the breath and movement, Fire represents the warmth and energy, and Water represents the fluidity and emotions. The balance of these elements within the body is believed to be essential for good health, both physically and mentally.

Earth: this element is represented by your body as a whole–your muscles and tissue.

Water: this is your blood and the other fluids that circulate your body.

Air: this element is your breath and the act of breathing in.

Fire: this is the element that represents the spark of life itself, as well as our willfulness as human beings.

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